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Career  (cv)
Albrecht Weinert

Laboratory for Media and versatile Applications
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Short curiculum vitae of Prof. Dr.‑Ing. Albrecht Weinert
SS1971-SS1977 Study of physics and electrical engineering at Technische Universität Clausthal.
Nov.1977-Dec.1983 Scientific assistant to Institut für Elektrische Energietechnik of TU Clausthal.   Head of the IT.
January 1983 Doctorate to Dr.-Ing. (PhD in engineering science) with a thesis on
Modelling of the thermic behaviour of very large DC machines
Jan.1984-Feb.1997 Siemens AG (Karlsruhe, Germany): Development of automation and control systems. Work areas: redundancy, fault tolerance and safety in process control. Architecture and project responsibility for high demand systems with TELEPERM M and SIMATIC S7
since March 1997 Professor at the Bochum University of applied Sciences.
Fields: Java, object orientation, practical computer science, controllers.
WS 1997/1998 Introduction of Java at Fachhochschule Bochum.
February 1998 Founding of MEVA-Lab
Laboratory for Media and versatile Applications.
2003 Founding of Institute for Automation & Industrial IT and establishment of the research field IT automotive (electronics and computer science in vehicle technology) with Biesenbach, Pautzke and Wollert.
2007 Renovation and enlargement of MEVA-Lab's IT-infrastructure(AD, 14 servers, 80 workstations, ~4000 accounts). Numerous university-range IT-services.
2008/09 Proven Java framework made open source project Frame4J.
2011 launching weinert - automation.
development, services, consulting, µC based automation.
2015 Organising and running the
16th International Conference on Research and Education in MechatronicsREM2015
with Katrin Heymann and Rolf Biesenbach as a team.
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