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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Albrecht Weinert

teaching at
Bochum University of Applied Sciences
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Computer science teaching
This is an overview on the Bochum University of Applied Sciences courses, involving Albrecht Weinert. Prof. Weinert left Bochum University on August 2018. Insofar, these pages are kept as reference for students involved.

  Overview of courses   (Weinert)
Albrecht Weinert
All bachelor courses are held in German language. Seminar presentations, theses and master courses may be done in English.

EOP / SA2 Object oriented programming
RA / ERA computer architecture
EAD / CS Algorithms
TSV Safety in (automotive) electronics (M.ITAu/M.EMob)
EVI Comprehending computer science (Vertiefung Informatik)
iES /PCSC Process control with small computers and standard OS
... and in the institute with and by colleagues ...
RV lecture series

General Hints for students
Almost all courses are held in German. Hence, a good command of German (conversing, reading and writing) is mandatory.
So, if interested in our courses, read the following paragraphs on the German page, please.

See also the course guidance service which, of course, is in German language.
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